Oak Street High Density Storage

This facility opened in 2004. The main reason for the opening of this facility is to store unused materials in the university library. The facility follows a unique way of ordering books where you sort by folder size. Where it aims primarily to optimize the use of space. The facility is characterized as a controlled environment that is fully controlled of temperature and humidity, in order to preserve the safety and quality of the holdings. (50 ° F, 30% humidity).


Although, these materials are transferred to this facility, the users still can borrow them by searching in the library’s catalog and requesting them in the case of need. The application takes approximately 24 hours and can be sent to you to the place of your choice.
This facility has provided enough space for the university library .By 2012, 3 million volumes have been transferred to this facility.

So,how are materials arranged at this property?

Once the folders are received, they are arranged according to size in order to accommodate as many volumes as possible. Then, they are numbered according to a serial number. After that, they are placed in special boxes that go into place on metal shelves that are more than 40 feet high. The serial number is through the program of the facility and is accessed.


Actually we faced many problems about how we can storage our old book, many options had been offered but I have to re-think again about our options specially after our visit to this facility. I think what are they doing right here is amazing, by using this solution you can add life to your collection in a full controlled environment.I think our visit to this place to watch what is closely experienced is truly rich, especially watching how to handle folders and how to put them on the shelves and how to access them. I hope this visit will open our minds to all possible solutions that we can apply to our libraries.


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