Educating users.

Building Sustainable Libraries

This week we had a great experience knowing in detail the sustainable development objectives, the relation that the development objectives have with one of the visits that we realized was basically on the education.

Talking about the great role played by the Arthur Public Library in the Amish community is indispensable, because it’s clearly understood that this population lacks information and communication technologies (ICT), but the library is responsible for meeting these needs and provides activities and services that help its users, being these children, young people, adults or older adults.

Librarians should ensure an education that is inclusive, equitable and of a high quality, through the promotion of learning opportunities for their population.


An important aspect is that many Amish people are interested in the workshops, they perform at this institution, as it helps them in their different gardening, cultivating and even household chores. The communication between librarian and user is incredible, and thanks to this you can do a better job.

Why is the reason the libraries educating users to get success?

If you want to see the importance between education and libraries, please watch this video: World Education Forum.


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