Tour Oak Street Library Faculty

My post of interest is the Oak Street Library IMG_8739.JPGFaculty, who opened in 2004 and the main purpose of the library is to store the unused collection of the academic libraries.

It has a unique facility and role of preservation and space which guarantees the materials through the years. The temperature is about 50°F and the humidity is 30%.

It was interesting the way they shelved the materials, because they don’t use a classification system, they shelve them by the size of the materials. Although it isn’t the usual organization of the library is the best way to organize tons of materials, and it works the same way in the loaning of materials.

In Costa Rica, we don’t have facilities such as Oak Street, but it’s something applicable, because there are so many materials that are shelved in boxes or even getting damaged in different libraries containing important information and that should be guarded in an ideal place.

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