18th Avenue Library

After a week in the program and enjoy a lot with all the associates, we made our first trip.

In our trip to Ohio, we visited Ohio State University, in this place we stayed at 3 different libraries.

One of the libraries that caught my attention was the 18th Avenue Library, where there is a department called Common Research.

This is a research center, which is responsible for collaboration for faculty, postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers; within this institution, are carried out: workshops, consultations, meeting spaces and specialized technology.

It’s an institution that is open 24/7, that definitely facilitates the visit of the users, therefore, some find a pleasant and comfortable space, to carry out the investigations that really need.

The collections that are in this library include: science, engineering, music and dance.
There are laboratories with public computers, and they contain individual and group study spaces.

The library is divided into 4 floors, as you can see in the image.


The infrastructure of this building is impressive, and the technological equipment that is in the institution, are very new and useful to users researchers and students.
One of the rooms I found impressive was the conference room, where there is a touch screen computer, desktop computers, video beam; is a very user-friendly site. Clearly the rooms are equipped for an excellent use, where they can realize conferences, exhibitions, group meetings and panels.
However, I can’t leave the opportunity to mention that the digital visualization room is incredible, it has 3 desktop computers, and a very large screen, divided into 4 screens, in which users can show what they want, according to as mentioned in the tour, users can even connect from their computers and smart phones if they want, since the room has bluetooth.

Finally, the library has a waiting room, where it has a series of information boards, which are screens with all the information of scholarship programs for research, upcoming events and recent news. It’s a very nice place.



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