High Density Storage @ Oak Street

IMG_8732The Associates group has a tour at the High density storage unit for the university library on May 25th, 2017. I have learned that this a relatively new way of storing library items with the aim to maximize the usage of the storage spaces. All items that come to the unit are stored based on their size. In order to implement this process, the items are classified into different size categories. Based on the size of the item, it gets placed in a specialty designed box available for all sizes. Classification or call number of the item is not relevant in this storage process as each items is registered in the system based on the box that it falls in, then the shelves number that it will be placed in. with such process, the Unit is able to keeps millions of items in this facility.

For preservation reasons, the facility has a restricted climate control to maintain the temperature levels to preserve the conditions of the items. It was really cold in there! in the unlikely event of fire, the doors are controlled to automatically close to maintain the fire and secure the area.

It was amazing to see the staff of a library wearing special gears to operate the shelves equipment and shelves the items on the very high stacks shelves.

It is worth mentioning that the items stored in this facility are not any ordinary items. These are quite rare or last copy of very special publication.

I believe it is a very convenience and smart solution for storing of unique items from other libraries. It utilizes the spaces very efficiently.



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