Westerville Public Library, OH

We went to Ohio for 2 days, it was a lovely and warm visit. In our trip, we visited the Westerville Public Library in Ohio.

Don Barlow
Don W. Barlow

The things I love about this specific library were the innovation services you can perceive once you took a step in the library, and how approachable and a great leader is the ex- executive director Don W. Barlow, whom I admire.

Also, the great environment and the smile in the staff while their do their job and help the customers. As Don said, “customers are first”, so all the services are customer focused, and in this library, it doesn´t matter where you come from or who you are, by giving the image of libraries as a community place and eliminating geographical and political boundaries; what they just want is to achieve the expectations and to make the costumers self-sufficient in the library, by presenting the library as user of technology and not a technological library.

Some libraries in Costa Rica are starting to emerge in innovation, but most of them are afraid of change or even technology, because they think technology is going to replace their work. Technology is just a resource available and to be a librarian is to be a professional in one of the most important careers in the world. There won’t be a chance that librarians are going to disappear because information is everywhere we go. Libraries are relevant in the society! Also, is important to know that change is involuntary, it’s going to happen soon enough but growth is voluntary.

Finally, what I carry in my mind and heart as a librarian and as human being is to dare to dream, to react quickly, to think smarter and strategic, to accomplish new things, to empower, challenging decisions, to be a visionary leader and learn from the mistakes.


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