OCLC and Sustainable Development Goals


OCLC is making efforts to improve the quality of education and to involve libraries in the educational process, which is consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations agenda 2030. We can summarize this role by doing a great deal of research on the development of education and the future of e-learning in the world. And attempt to link education with libraries as a consumer of information in the library therefore, any change in education or in the behavior of the students directly changes the type and quantity of information required by the students.

OCLC publishes the results of this research in detailed reports, as any change in digital changes that reshape education will reshape the libraries directly. The question is whether there is still a need for libraries with a shift towards e-learning.
OCLC’s research studies aim to provide important information on recent trends and factors affecting education to librarians and, to share data on trends that will shape our educational future. As well as sharing data on parents and students perceptions of academic libraries, and their attitude towards online learning. Through its research, oclc tries to answer one of the most important questions about the relationship between libraries and education: “Are libraries working fast enough and bold enough to be relevant to modern education?” What are the best solutions and strategies for connecting libraries to the new era of education?
A number of these questions can be answered by browsing the OCLC report on teaching, learning and libraries here.



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