2nd week : SILL Module

Well, At the beginning of this class, I didn’t expect that it can make any change of my mind. But from the first brainstorming innovative solutions to local problems, I began to realize minutely what the prejudice I had.

SILL Modules is the Strengthening Innovative Library Leaders’ acronym. Actually, at the library, there are a lot of innovative activities but it is hard to be realized and turned into the real field of the library because of the mindset of me and other librarian.

I just want to make any change from library users or I think we need more money to make things clearly done. But it wasn’t! We can make change from the mind of us! It is really simple and easy way to make the things to the right way.

I always think that users are not corporate with librarians because I am just a young woman who have to serve the nation. But there are lots of rules for the rule which is absolutely unnecessary. I really happy that I can make innovative changes from me. I cannot wait to make any changes to go back to South Korea!


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