Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations has set up 17 SDGs to transform the World by 2030.

Sustainable development is about improving the life by giving education to everyone.

Goal Number 4 – Quality Education


SDG for India – Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is a part of this program , to provide primary education to all especially girl child. make education accessible to all.


Libraries plays important role in fulfilling  goal 4 i.e. Quality Education. Libraries gives orientation to use these resources to relevant users to utilize these resources fully.

  1. E portal to farmers to make them aware about crop production without using pesticides.
  2. MOOCs Massive open online courses to offer life long learning, created by Best Universities around the world.
  3. E pathshala is a MHRD initiatives to provide Digital contents of NCERT books.
  4. NPTEL open online courses developed by IITs of India
  5. National Knowledge Commission  is initiatives of Government of India with the objective of transforming India into knowledge society.
  6. NITI Aayog is a government of India policy established by prime Minister of India, responsible of SDGs in India. State government has been directed to ensure and improve literacy rate in districts and villages and towns of India.

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