Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab in terms of SDGs

On June 1st, we went to a Fab Lab. I have never heard or been in something like this. This is definitely one of my favorite places in Champaign. It’s amazing how innovation and creativity take action in this place. We meet the facilities with Jeff Ginger. He is a person creative, active and fun to be with.

IMG_9048And please… don’t get confused by thinking of a makerspace. Fab Lab is a great place to be interdisciplinary and creative in many different way and is an open collaborative workshop space for technology innovation, design and fabrication.



So, how can we relate this to librarians and the SDGs?  

First, librarianship is one of the versatiles careers on the planet, so to be part of a fab lab is just matter of interest and also I think is a great opportunity to approach people to the importance of information by doing several stuffs. Users obviously need information to do certain things with the technology.  

Second, the way it relates to SDGs is by giving a quality of education. Just to let you know,  quality of education ensures inclusive and equative education and also promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all. And as a matter of fact Fab Lab they can teach easy ways to solve diary problems or even to teach fun ways to do things or to encourage people to become explorers in the design thinking ensuring lifelong learning.

Third, Fab lab is open for everyone and is a public engagement program with schools, communities and institutes.

Click here to find a Fab Lab in you country


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