The importance of DiSC Communication

We had the opportunity to meet Shirley Stelbrink. She is incredible by the way … She taught us about DiSC communication through a workshop. If you do not know what DiSC means, is the way we work and communicate during work time. And each letter of the name is like a personality.


Then, you must know this was the second time I took the test of DiSC, and I got the same result a couple of years ago (my result is Di). Shirley showed us the importance of each style, how we need every single style at work and how can all be leaders, not only the dominants as we usually know.

At first, I was not proud of my style because of the way of giving the image of someone without feelings and straight to the point, but in a place they need D´s otherwise the work wouldn´t be done by the deadline.


It’s really important to get to know your communication style, your strengths and weaknesses with the purpose of an effective work environment and to be focused in the goals, rules and roles of the place itself.

My advice is to do the DiSC test, even if you do not want to, you should probably. And it’s cool to get to know yourself.  Every Costa Rican librarians should of the DiSC program, in fact, everyone in the world should do it.


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