4nd week : SDG and Information Literacy

Information literacy is a top priority for this flood of the information era.

There are so many news from the TV, Internet, Radio, Etc.. But the problem is this. We can not fully trust and we can not choose what is the information which can really help me.

It would be more worse when they can not treat the containers well. Containers can be a Media, Internet or just Computer. In this 21st century, information is the money. Information poverty makes big trouble for being human and manage the life.


So, As a Sustainable Development Goal, Information literacy is fitted for #10 Reduced Inequality.

In Korea, The illiteracy rate is low but the many elderly people find it hard to catch the information what is needed to maintain their life.

In the library, we have to do our best to protect their rights for the getting information. Reduced inequality can be done by the who can not use the information and the information containers with the library.


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