Chicago Public Library & SDGs

On our trip to Chicago we went to visit the Chicago Public Library or you can find it as the Harold Washington Library Center. It opened in 1991 to all the public and just so you know the architecture is incredible.


It is an amazing, huge and very busy library. Incredible things happen in there, for example, they have a Youmedia.

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The Youmedia is a place design for the youth, they do a lot of workshops and you can do anything you want, like sewing, building different things, gaming, recording, etc.  

Each level of the library is different world. In the levels you can find different things to do and to learn about several topics.

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Regarding to SDGs, the HWLC is an inclusive place for all the people, no matter the gender, the nationality, the age, the skin color, everyone can go and use the services and learn new things. In this visit I learned that the library can be a safe place for the community. A safe place where they can go and spend the day without being charged, a place where they can meet people, a place where there is no boundaries, a place where people can grow or a place where they can just sit and relax.


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