ALA is the oldest and largest professional association founded on 6 October 1876 and includes thousands of professionals in America and around the world, and includes a large number of departments and branches. It holds international conferences that attract professionals from all over the world.


The American Library Association has adopted a wide range of issues in support of building sustainable libraries around the world through its initiatives in collaboration with institutions from around the world. One of the initiatives launched by ALA is Libraries Transform, which aims to reflect the value and importance of libraries in the development of society, while taking advantage of the experience of librarians and library workers throughout the country to help disseminate this message, and these are certainly fully consistent with the UN 2030 goals where libraries are the most important resource for society and should contribute to the advancement with it.

When we look at the ALA reports, we will really know what we are talking about by following up the statistics on the Libraries Transform initiative, which greatly confirms the success of this initiative and reaches thousands of professionals and decision-makers.


Also, if we look at the statistics of contribution of libraries in the United States in different fields of life according to ALA statistics and according to the initiative of the Libraries Transform, we find that it supports most of the United Nations 2030 goals These statistics are as follows:


For more information, please visit the website of ALA or the Libraries Transform.



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