Digitization of content: Tips and practices

The lecture on digitization was very interesting and interactive. The resource person took time to explain all the necessary tips and practices involved in digitizing content. The advantages of digitizing content and practices and standards to ensure that the contents  retains its original quality. The  interaction revealed a lot of things to me having being involved in digitizing content  in my institution I was able to identify some important practices which we need to incorporate in what we have been doing to ensure a better output.  We were given some time to create metadata for objects and also measure scanned images.


In addition the lecture on copyright highlighted the major issues we should know as librarians concerning copyright as regards to publishing, using published works and digitizing content for institutional repository. To me knowledge of digitization and copyright is very important for any librarian especially in this era and it concerns electronic resources. Having participated in this two lectures I learnt a lot of things which will help me to improve my services in my institution, and also training my colleagues so that together we can achieve success.


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