Digitization to preserve.

Digitali .. what?edcccddf7af48b4c66de6f65d4fe2c97

Hard to say?


This week, we had the opportunity to have a lot of workshops focused on the different areas of librarianship, one of them caught my attention, was the subject of digitization of collections.

It may sound like a threshing, but how does this area relate to sustainable development goals?

The first in the focus on goal 11, which is: Make Cities and Human Settlements Inclusive, Safe, Resilient and Sustainable ; if we look at it from a national (Costa Rica) perspective, libraries play the role of documenting and preserving information for future generations.



As in20141008_0027formation professionals we must demonstrate a significant added value to the collections through format change and make this sea easy to use; In addition, we must be very clear that digital copies of collections help preserve unique objects.



“Digital has the hybrid nature; it’s about mixing something old and new, the best practices and the next practices.”  – Pearl Zhu


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