DiSC Communications

How many of us will have done this test before?

It’s a curious fact, to know if all the associates knew what style they were, well, I must say that although we were few who knew which style we belonged, certainly this workshop has been one of the most entertaining and fun.

In addition to enjoying the different styles, we must make a deep analysis of how we’re, both professionally and personally.

In this workshop, I learned that in the workplace we need dominant, influential, stable and conscientious people; because each one has its strengths and weaknesses, which clearly, the other styles manage to complement.

The experience that I liked, was when we did the activity, in which we had to find the solution to reach the extreme points, without mistakes; it was very funny and I really enjoyed it.

What made me more fun…was to see that all D’s were on the opposite side of the C’s, so that you could see the tension and despair sometimes.

From this point, I have questions, because many times there is frustration, but how often do we try to be innovative in our libraries?, how often do we take the role of leaders?, for this is important to do the DiSC test.

I’ve to say that my personality is CS, which fits perfectly with my person, in the image you can see some of my characteristics:


For my colleagues in Costa Rica, I must say that this is a super useful and necessary tool, since, this allows us to see how we can improve in our libraries at the communication level, to solve problems, propose new ideas and even professional relationships.


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