Megui’s Experience

The experience you had in this program is incredible, I don’t have a lot of words to describe everything that goes through my mind, coming to share my daily work with the other Associates of the Mortenson Center and know about them and their great, unique and exemplary libraries.

I must say, every workshop, tour, exhibition and activity enjoyment every second, I learned many things that I can work in Costa Rica, if my work team wishes too.

Before starting the program I had chosen the areas that I wanted to strengthen in my professional life, these were marketing and advocacy, leadership and communication, and lastly the objectives of sustainable development.

To each of these topics, I paid attention, to know the importance of the marketing and advocacy at libraries, that its must be indispensable, since this depends on the constant visit of the users, as well as the use of the services, products and activities that are provided in these are important to market the services and products of the libraries, through the web applications or other ways. But it is also necessary to know our work group to grow in our libraries.

On the topic of leadership and communication, it was great to see how one of the fundamental competencies that people must develop professionally, through the DiSC personality test.

The third point that interested me, was the knowledge of the area of Agenda 2030, through the presentation of the Chai Wai, as I now know more about it to develop or implement strategies in different libraries of Costa Rica.

Finally, I’ve to say thank you Waleed (Oman), Abeer (Qatar), Daniela (Costa Rica), Vinita (India), Hyerin (South Korea), Ju Hee (South Korea), Lallaisangzuali (India), Yolanda (Jamaica) and Scholastica (Nigeria), for sharing, laughing, learning and enjoying this month at the program with me.

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Thanks too, to Clara Chu, Susan Schnuer, Emily Kasak and Rebecca McGuire, for their hard work and organization of this program, all the workshop attendees, they were really great learning for me, to my library friend Lizzy, for make my stay in Urbana-Champaign, lots of accompany and knowledge.

If I had the opportunity to re-run the program in 10 years, I would do it without hesitation.


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