Advocacy and Marketing in the Library

Marketing and Advocacy are two important phenomenon in the library profession. they are necessary in letting management buy our ideas and innovations. Today in the library profession attention is paid to services that are self sustaining, even library users are influenced by what they see and hear. So the ability of librarians to adopt marketing strategies to sale our ideas are important. The lecture on marketing and advocacy was a practical experience of how one can come up with an idea but without the staff being part of the idea it will be difficult to sustain. During the lecture we identified so many strategies and media to use in marketing our services to our users. How we can make management buy the idea of introducing new innovations in the library through advocacy. This was also related to our action plan, how we can sale them to the user group that will benefit from the service. The short marketing and advocacy messages to attract our users,without boring them or taking much of their time.


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