Customer Service- The Fish! Philosophy

Job satisfaction and personal attitude are two important things that affects workers. The training we had on fish philosophy which was  based on the Pikes Fish Market in Seattle Washington, is a summary of developing friendly working environment to ensure user centered services. The video presentation showed how business men selling fish in the market were happy with their what they are doing in fact they introduced play  into what they are doing to make themselves happy. These traders know that they spend majority of their time doing there business, therefore they need to create a customer friendly environment- by creating positive memorable experiences for the customers. playing at work and laughter reduces a lot of stress and makes the work  easy. These traders are ‘there for their customers, to make their day and choose their attitude- to think about their customers with a positive attitude; doing what the customers like, and knowing how they feel.

Librarians should  emulate this attitude in their service delivery, knowing that we spend majority of our time in the office we should be happy with our coworkers. On the other hand we should cultivate a positive attitude towards our users,  try to be there for them and make there day.  With this attitude  users will have confidence in the librarians, and always see them as their mentor and guardian. But when we see them as a source of disturbance it will discourage them from visiting the library. This lecture  was interesting and taught provoking.


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