Learning Experience at Mortenson Center

May 24th 2017 – 20th June 2017

During one month training program I have learnt each and every aspects about the library and information science.

I got a chance to see the best Public libraries of US which is remarkable. Libraries are acting as community hub taking care of children section, teens, adult and senior citizen as well. Westerville Public Library & Chicago Public Library are providing lot of services to  their patrons. The infrastructure and ambiance is such that I feel like to study in that library.

Visit to Undergraduate library and main library is also commendable. I like most the video recording studio which students are using themselves for academic work.

Chicago State University library and Oak Street library is a perfect solution of storage facility, which is amazing. Ohio state Thompson library visit is remarkable.

I overwhelmed to see the Preservation Lab, Fab Lab and Blue water supercomputers at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

I had a wonderful experience at Museum of Science and Industry at Chicago. The Robot Revolution, The Maize are fascinating.

Fair use workshop by Sara Benson, Asst . Professor and Copyright Librarian is very informative that helps me to frame copyright policy for my library.

An impressive lecture on FISH ! philosophy by Jan Ison, that give me thought to increase productivity at our workplace.

DiSC Communication workshop by Shirley Stelbrink, Learning Alliance Company is outstanding. After this workshop I can better understand the communication styles of people to whom I am dealing with , which helps me to improve relation among the peers and colleagues.

It was my dream to visit OCLC Library and American Library Association.

We all learnt how to write in a blog and share the experiences and knowledge via blog.

This is also a big learning experience for all of us. We can continue writing in this blog and keep connected to each other to share our expertise. I  thank to Clara Chu, Director Mortenson Center and Rebecca McGuire, Visiting Instructional Technology Specialist to be always with us, taught us and gave full support during the course of this program .

I also thank to Susan Schnuer, Associate Director Mortenson Center to give her support and share her experiences especially for grant writing in libraries which I realize very useful to all the associates.

I should not  forget to thank Emily Kasak , office manager  to extend her support in documentation, emailing and other official work.

I will remember the delicious food arranged during lunch and dinner at various places.

I enjoyed the Barbara Ford’s company during Jazz music concert. She is such a lively person who is  living her life fully and still connected to the profession.

I have learnt a lot during Chai Wai Presentation , which is on UN 2030 Agenda on SDGs.

Overall it was a fun and learn activity and taking with me a tons of information to share and implement in my country, if possible. All the speakers , officials, key peoples are highly energetic that give positive environment to go ahead.   I feel proud of myself as a Librarian.


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