Chicago Public Library- making a difference in the life of the community

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The Chicago Public Library- Harold Washington Library center proved to be a look at an amazing and magnificent edifice.

The library caters to the needs of everyone in its community.  Of particular note is the YouMedia center for teens, which lends itself to creativity among teens and young adults. There is input from the teens through their Teen Advisory Board.  The space is an avenue for collaboration.  While on our visit, we observed teens involved in various games and craft.

In addition, on one floor we saw where patrons were able to borrow rooms to practice with their instruments or rehearse their songs etc. It was my first time seeing a space used in this way and I thought this would be a welcome addition to my public library in Jamaica. On another floor, a lot of games and puzzles were laid out for patrons to get involved.

A highlight of this trip was seeing the Seed Library where members of the community can take various seeds to check out, grow and return a portion of their harvested seeds. The seed library enables the free exchange of seeds among community members. This would definately be a project that I would hope my public library could start.

This represents a library been involved with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by ensuring zero hunger (SDG #2) and SDG #3 promoting good health and well being through persons been able to feed themselves.  The Chicago Public Library embodies and plays an integral role in SDG#4 Quality Education by engaging its customers in various forms of programming for all ages.


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