Personal Experience

The  Mortenson Center International Library Programme was an awesome experience. The training and visits were packaged to suit the present day skills needed by librarians to work in a digital environment.  It was a blend of theory and practice, both the workshops and visit to important places and libraries.  Having participated in the programme for four weeks I have gathered a lot of experience which will help me and my colleagues to improve our service delivery. The DISC communication has helped me to understand my colleagues better, while things go wrong in some cases,  this will go a long way to improve our work relationship. In the area of customer services delivery a lot of training, workshops and interactions centered on it, because this is a very important area in the library service. Having gone through these training I realized that  customer service in my library need to be improved as a result my action plan revolves around it.

Visits to Libraries in the United States showed the state of library services, Academic, public  and private libraries are all user centered. They adopted the fish! philosophy  in their interaction with users. These are some of the things I hope to implement in my library.  The visit to the community Fab lab  exposed us to things that can be done in the library outside reading . Despite all these wonderful services there are some libraries that have some challenges like the State library of Illinois, despite the facilities and resources available for users the rate of use is very low.


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