Time Flies!

It has been four weeks since I came to Mortenson Center of the University Library
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and now ALA is coming. I have experienced so many useful sessions and workshops, very interesting visits and tours and events. This program was so well organized and valuable, and the various lessons and creative ideas were brilliant, which I will remember for a long time.




I’ve learned a lot, and had enjoyable memories with 아비어(Abeer), 클라라(Clara),  다니엘라(Daniela), 에밀리(Emily), 혜린(Hyerin), 렐라이(Lallai), 매기(Megui), 레베카(Rebecca), 스칼라(Scholar), 수잔(Susan), 비니타(Vinita), 왈리드(Waleed), and 옐란다(Yolanda). This program was so helpful and it was a great decision to be the associates. I will commit myself to making the library field more sustainable.





Last but most, I am so much thankful to my library – Seoul National University Library – for all the support and help for me. I felt my library is doing so well and proud of what it’s doing and will do. I will be a loyal and trustful librarian to SNUL too. I am looking forward to going back and working together with my team and supervisors.




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