Daniela Esquivel Calderón


 Daniela Esquivel Calderón at IFLA 2016


Hello! My name is Daniela Esquivel Calderón. I am Costa Rican librarian, recently graduated from the University of Costa Rica, who works doing professional services with a company in different libraries doing such as classifying, cataloging, indexing, etc for the past 3 years.

I have worked in 4 projects:

  • 2015: Universidad Autónoma de Centroamérica (UACA), is a private university, the collection was 5000 books.
  • 2016: Instituto Nacional de la Mujer (INAMU) is a institute that ensures the rights of women in society and seeks equity and gender equality; the collection was 3000 books.
  • 2016: Coope-Ande No.1, is a savings and credit cooperative for school teachers, the collection was 1500 books.
  • 2017: Universidad Autónoma de Centroamérica (UACA), is a private university, the collection was 7000 books.

In addition, I had the opportunity and experience to be an assistant in the library of musical arts of the UCR for a year, helping in the loan of books, circulation and reference services.

Also, I had been starting to train in different areas like:

  • Introductory 30-hours course on the use of KOHA.
  • Introductory workshops with children, young adults and elderly.
  • Strengthening Innovative Library Leaders (SILL).
  • 82nd IFLA World Library and Information Congress  “Connections, Collaboration, Community” at Columbus, Ohio.

In this year 2017, I am an Associate to the Mortenson Center at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, IL.



Future Plans

I consider myself as a dynamic and creative person, fully passionate for education and people, so my future plan is to work at a public library or a school library.  I truly believe that a library can change a life and that the information it provides is the center of the society.

Likewise, I want to travel world learning about libraries, leadership and innovative services that would help me in my professional growth, also establishing collaboration networks with librarians across the world. And someday hopefully be able to teach my knowledge to future generations of librarians.

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