Megui Umaña Ureña

Megui Umana Urena
Megui Umaña Ureña


I hope you are good.

I’m Megui Umaña Ureña, I’m from Costa Rica.

I’d like to tell you what my job is, as a librarian.

I work for a company, which is responsible for doing professional services, at this time, we’re dedicated to technical processes, such as cataloging and indexing.
We work for projects, in which we’ve the opportunity to know different types of libraries, such as university libraries, or libraries of cooperatives.

I’ve worked on 3 projects:

  • 2015: Universidad Autónoma de Centroamérica (UACA), is a private university, the collection was 5000 books.
  • 2016: Coope-Ande No.1, is a savings and credit cooperative for school teachers, the collection was 1500 books.
  • 2017: Universidad Autónoma de Centroamérica (UACA), is a private university, the collection was 7000 books.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work as an assistant in the School of Library and Information Sciences of the University of Costa Rica for one year, for this, I’ve had to train in different areas of librarianship, one of the workshops I’ve taken are:

  • Introduction to the use of the library administration software KOHA.
  • Strengthening Innovative Library Leaders (SILL).
  • VIII Central America Meeting of Free Software, Managua Nicaragua.
  • Introduction to the repository management using DSPACE.
  • Learning to use Blender for creating playful applications.
  • IFLA Congress “Connections, Collaboration, Community”.
  • Aumented and Virtual Reality WOW effect.
  • Effective management of tenders and contracts with the state.


Future Plans

  • Implement new markets in activities, services and products in the career of librarianship that serve to help the country’s libraries.
  • To be an example for many librarians, both students and teachers, to participate in international programs.
  • Establish connections with other libraries and professionals, to make our daily work an improvement and contribute more to society.



“Librarian is a service occupation. Gas station attendant of the mind.”
― Richard Powers